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"Are you kidding? There's no better Captain than Pete if you want the real deep sea fishing in the Atlantic. This ain't no run around the Caribe shallows, chaps, this is Bermuda. Fish grow big when you've got the only island oasis in the deep sea. And Pete knows just how to find them. Native son and a pleasure as a guide. Do yourself a favor when in Bermuda. Contract Peter and his perfect spec boat out of Somerset and catch yourself some serious fish. Just be are big and might just take you over the gunwale."

Josh - Indianapolis, IN USA

After several attempts in Cuba, Jamaica and the Canaric Islands, in Bermuda I finally caught my first Marlin! I was happy as a child of course. Thanks to Peter and his pal I had a great day, relaxed and fun. When we were heading back - without catch - he saw my Marlin. And he did everything to catch it.

By the way: The great 'banana-mistery' now no longer is a myth.. it's reality! I didn't knew that it meant bad luck when taking a banana on board. You should never take a banana with you on a fishing trip, never! It will bring you bad luck. Well, I didn't know about this, so i did take me a banana. And when finishing, I left the skin in a basket. Peter saw it, and threw it overboard. There you had the reason why we didn't catch anything. Directly after throwing it over board, we saw the Marlin. Beautiful.

Of course I didn't hear this story before we were on shore again. Thanks for giving me a perfect first catch: a 350 pound Blue Marlin!'

Olaf van Hoof  

Thanks for the best day of fishing I'll ever have! Despite the bad weather, we were able to get out for a shortened half day trip last week.  Here are some pics I thought you'd like.  This is the biggest and the most fish I've ever caught!  I can't believe we caught 10 nice Wahoo and a Blackfin, and still got back to the dock before noon. You and mate Kevin really know how to get the fish and get them on your lines.
Thanks a ton,

Tom Fithian, Poquoson, Virginia  

What a blast!!!  From booking the trip with Capt. Pete's wife Leslie to returning to port with a boat load of fish, the experience was top notch.  Capt. Pete and his mate Leslie kept us on the fish and when we were waiting for the next bite, they always engaged us in conversation.  The fishing was good, the company was good, and not only did we walk out of there with one of our best days of fishing, we also walked out of there with some new friends.  GREAT JOB OVERPROOF!

Ken, Chris, Brian, Matt, John, and Ken"  

Been reflecting on the charter from last year, June '06, and looking at the photos my son Mark and I took. I've got to tell you, the charter was by far the greatest fishing experience I have had, not only compared to all other charter experiences but also many years of fishing in general.

The boat was exceptional, the Capt.. and mate top shelf and the fishing was the best ever. I'm hoping to get back to Bermuda in June , '08 and if so, I plan on being on board with you folks again.

Until Then .....................

Best Regards,
Hank Dondero
Quincy, MA

It was cold (48 degree), rainy day in late March, when we had the good fortune to charter Overproof.

Peter and his First Mate took us way out there.  For two hours, the lines were deathly quiet, but Peter kept stalking the prey, and then, WHAMO, in the next three hours, we bagged  SIX monstrous Wahoo, likely pushing nearly 300 pounds in the aggregate.  They were luminous, silver-blue beauties.  There were at least another six that we nearly reeled in, but, we couldn’t man all the reels.  We had three simultaneous strikes on two occasions and, at one point, we had four reels with strikes.  

What a blast! Peter knows exactly where and when to go, rain or shine.   He may even be “the Fish Whisperer”.  We were rookies, first timers, but we hit the lotto.  We can’t recommend Peter and Overproof highly enough.

We’re Overproof  lifers now and can’t wait until our next gig with Peter & Co.   

Taylor and Lee Lovett    


I thought you would like to see the haul from the trip I took with you in May. The video is interesting as I managed to catch the sure footed skipper being covered by sea at one point which as mentioned at the time my friends enjoyed watching. I really enjoyed the day out and was pleased that the weather was ignored for myself as I can imagine most like it dead calm and no fish!

One of the best days for fish I have had around the World and thought the team were very good and most certainly better than most.

Hope to come again and try for some big fish.

Henry Charteris.

I just wanted to send a quick note to you guys. We went out on the Sunday boat a few days ago and had the time of our lives.

Thank you very much. Peter and Stan we unbelievable and we will never go on another boat ever. You guys have got a good company and guys that really make the day a blast. Thank you again, I have attached a few pics of our day

Marcus Flannery 

Here are some of the folks we enjoyed meeting and some of the fish we enjoyed eating on our Bermuda fishing adventure. If you're interested, contact Overproof Charters at Robinson's Marina and ask for Leslie ( The largest fish on board are the yellow fin tuna (105 and 110 lbs.). The small tuna I an holding is a black fin (15 lb). The long silver fish is a wahoo (60 lb.) and the fish on the gaff is a barracuda (unweighed). The fish in the water is a blue marlin (250-300 lb.) caught and released by my new fishing buddy, Anthony.

Arden Siegendorf  


I know everyday to you is another crew and I am sure that it is hard to compare one to the next sometimes....

I just wanted to tell you that since I hosted this group of clients, the day could not have been scripted any better. To catch a Blue (my first look at one in 18 trys) and to have each client catch their own tuna was certainly made for a great day.

I have been on many trips and can tell you that you and Mark were by far the most professional captain/mate that I have been with. I know you were not feeling well that day but you sure pulled it together for us.

Thanks for a great day. We certainly will be back to you for future trips and I will be recommending you to others that are looking for a day of fishing.

Steve Riley 

“Bermuda’s big blue of 2002 came on August 26th when Captain Peter Rans boated a 906 pounder on his 31-foot JC, the Overproof. The big female fell for a trolled bonefish.”

Sport Fishing Magazine 

"It took Peter Rans and his JC31 Overproof well over an hour to return to the dock since they had fished their way around the back side of the island. The 12 foot seas that sent some larger boats back to shore didn't faze Rans and his crew. Not only did they fight a big marlin for over an hour, they then had to wrestle it into the boat without the benefit of block and tackle or a tuna door".

Paul Rowan (a devoted Sport Fishing reader and tournament participant), waited patiently as the crane carefully hoisted his fish out of Overproof's cockpit. The crowds were so anxious to see this blue that they barely left enough room for the fish to hang over the seawall. Ultimately, it tipped the scale at 531 pounds. Not enough to catapult Rowan into first place or anything dramatic like that, but enough to put him in third place overall, jumping past boats with a single blue marlin release."

Bermuda Big Game Classic 

I was fortunate enough to find Peter and his boat "Overproof"
during the summer of 2001. I booked a day of offshore fishing with him and was totally amazed with his professional operation and his exceptional local knowledge of the offshore banks of Bermuda. We did not have the picture perfect day weather wise, but Peter made the best of it, hooking us up with two nice fish, (100 LB White Marlin, 300-350 LB Blue Marlin), while the rest of the charter fleet came up empty.

During our second visit in 02' we did have picture perfect weather and the fishing was tremendous. Before 11 AM we had caught and released three fish. My son broke the ice with a 30 LB Wahoo within 30 ins of setting the spread, followed by a 675-725 LB Blue Marlin, and another Blue in the 200-225 LB range. Peters ability to handle his boat during the fight with the largest of the fish was impressive, (if any of you think that big game fishing is fish against angler and not a total team effort of Capt., angler, mate, tackle and boat, then I hope you never charter a captain that has minimal experience. I can say that your odds of getting a large fish to the boat is minimal).

I highly recommend Overproof for any angler in the family, experienced or not. The fishing grounds are only a 20-30 min ride from Hamilton and hold lots of fish, some of them HUGE (1000 lbs +). Peter is very enthusiastic about his fishing, and can't stand to come home without hooking up with something. Nobody will promise that you will catch fish every time that you go out, but everyone aboard Overproof will do everything in their power to make your day pleasant and successful.

Kevin Cowatch, Long Island NY